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As of 12:01 am on Wednesday (June 30), Ontario enters Step Two of its reopening plan. It is expected to remain in this phase for approximately 21 days. If vaccination goals are met and there are positive trends in COVID-19 numbers, then Ontario would move to Step Three with even more openings and fewer restrictions.

Step Two rules are the same across Ontario, including Haliburton County, Northumberland County and the City of Kawartha Lakes.

  • In general, Step Two allows for the further expansion of outdoor activities and resuming limited indoor services with small numbers of people (face coverings must be worn). Read on for more specifics or visit the Ontario government website information on Step Two rules and regulations.

  • Outdoor gatherings increase in size to a maximum of 25 people in Step Two (up from 10 people in Step One)


Campers attending their trailers must:

•  stay home and self isolate for 14 days if ill or showing symptoms of COVID, contact their family physician and consider being tested,

•  self screen when entering the park,

•  outdoor gatherings are limited to maximum of 25 people, guests from other families are allowed to visit for a maximum of 5 people indoors. (FACE COVERING MUST BE WORN)

•  physical distancing of 2 meters must be maintained, when 2 meter physical distancing can not be maintain then mask must be worn, and

•  wear a mask when indoors using the common washroom and shower comfort station.


If you wish to come to the Trailer Park please assess yourself with the self screening and sign the pdf document. After it is signed please send us a copy. If you do not have the papers signed and shown/sent as proof you will not be allowed to come to the trailer park. *This document must be signed and shown as proof each time you wish to come to the park*.

Thank you

Long Beach Cottages and Trailer Park

                                                                                 (updated on June 29, 2021)

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